Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 1: Something you hate about yourself.

Hmmm, there are a lot of things:

  • My hair went from pretty natural blonde to dirt. 
  • My nose has a lump.
  • I hate that I used to be very happy and out going, more than willing to talk to a stranger but became reserved during Jr High School. Unwilling to just be myself even if it means people will look at me differently.
  • I hate that I didn't focus on getting college done quicker.
  • I hate that I hold a lot of things back worrying that people will get upset when there are things that NEED to be said. 
  • I hate that I have to work so hard to focus on things.  That simple things can get in the way and distract me.  It's embarrassing more than not.

....and the list goes on.. =D

1 comment:

  1. I'm so glad you are doing this! I'm excited to read your 30 days! Heather, I think you and I have A LOT more in common than we think!!


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