Thursday, October 21, 2010

Weigh in!

Today the RN from the state came and did another developmental check-up on the twins.  

Kenzington is 14lb 5oz and 24 1/2in long.
Oakley is 14lbs 13oz and 24 3/4in long.

They both are on track with grabbing at things, kicking their legs and arms and being vocal.  
She wants us to work more on tummy time since Kenzington seems to be a little lazy with it. :p 
She would also like us to keep showing them how to grab at things and hold onto them by lowering and lifting things  at different lvls.  
All in all they are doing great and gaining weight perfectly. Most people when they seem them don't even notice they were born 2 months early. We plan on doing another developmental check-up next month.  

So proud of my little munchkins and how well they are progressing!


  1. Good to hear the twins are doing well :) it still only seems like yesterday when you has the munchkins! Keep up the great work, I know you guys are gonna be wonderful parents!


  2. They sound like they are doing amazing! I'm so glad they are growing strong and doing good!

  3. That's awesome that they are so strong and doing so great! Preemies are just awesome little miracles aren't they? Our girls were 29.5 weekers and you would never know to look at them!


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