Tuesday, October 19, 2010

5 Months

Today is the girls 5 month birthday! (3 months adjusted)  

They are doing great developmentally!  Both are grabbing hold of things and pulling them to their mouth instantly.  Sometimes they are even grabbing them from the air!  They can hold their heads up better when sat up.  Hopefully soon will be able to sit up on their own.  

Oakley has been talking more and more everyday, starting just last week.  As of yesterday Kenzlee has started talking as well.  Completely different voices and ways of speech though.  Oakley will coo and giggle and almost sing.  Kenzington on the other hand will giggle/laugh then screech as loud as she can!  Both adorable as I'll get out!  

I've said it before, they're so cute I just want to pop their heads off put em in my pocket and use them as stress balls! =D  

Going to bed has gotten so much easier for them.  They let us know when they are sleepy and will generally get comfy once laid down in their cribs.  They tend to still wake up once in the night around 4-5.  Then again around 7 and are either up for the day or then back to sleep till 10.  

We still haven't gotten their pictures taken professionally but plan to very soon.  

Their ears are pierced and their hair is starting to grow back in.  Mostly in blondes/dirty blondes.  

Lately they have gotten mom hungry and will wine and cry if I leave the room for too long.  Once they see me again they instantly stop and will giggle and almost have convulsions from the excitement!  

We are very excited for their first Halloween and cannot wait to take some cute pictures.  

November will be a big step for them since they will be going on their first long vacation, not to mention long drive.  We will be traveling home to Washington to spend time with family. We all cannot wait!

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