Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The Mr and I just finished watching the movie: Babies
I saw advertising for this film when it was first being released and at the time I was pregnant thinking this would be a good film to watch.  

FINALLY getting around to it, I couldn't be happier!  It was such a good documentary following the growth and development of 4 babies from Mongolia to San Francisco.  
We couldn't help but sit and laugh at some of the things that reminded us of our kids, or things that we did to entertain them. Also marvel over how other cultures took care of and nurtured their newborns/toddlers.  

One particular scene was when the father from Japan had his daughter on the bed shaking the rattle vigorously to entertain her.  This is something the twins dad does on a daily basis!  

If you are pregnant, have kids, or are thinking of kids this is a great movie all around and I strongly suggest taking a peek. :)

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