Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Our getaway

It's been a little stressful around here the past couple weeks.  Not only I but the kids and their dad have been feeling it weigh pretty heavy on everyone.  I think my parents knew this, because Friday when I spoke to them they insisted we come with them to visit my brother in Las Vegas.  Their treat.  

We accepted and were on our way. It was the perfect weekend to go. At home it was supposed to be rainy and cruddy, my Grandma Chris was going to be in Vegas this weekend as well, and honestly we needed to get out! 

We left Friday night late, around 8pm.  The girls were fed and in their PJ's all cuddled (as much as you can be) in their car seats.  

The drive down was perfect.  A little bit of rain but nothing slowing us down.  The twins slept the entire way only making us stop once, for gas. 

We got in late, but all 4 of us crashed right away.  

The first day we spent relaxing and playing with the kiddles. 

Their Gamma decided they needed some winter clothes and was nice enough to take them shopping.

We then proceeded to go to one of the best places I've eaten in such a long time!  Chicago Brewery - If you have never been I strongly suggest going while you're down that way.  It's small and has such a nice ambiance to it. The staff was so helpful too, making sure the girls had a comfortable place to sit next to their parents.  (who then passed out shortly into the meal) 
(Kenzlee being a little ninja!)

I personally ordered a Turkey wrap with chipotle ranch....SOOO YUMMMY!
(Not to mention the many many different types of beer they have available)

Since my Grandma Chris and Roger were in town for a wedding we were lucky enough to meet up with them at their hotel and have a some brunch on Sunday.

(Great Grandma meeting her babies)

We hung out in their room for a while chatting. It was very nice to just relax and socialize. Not to mention the girls loved it! They wouldn't stop screeching and cooing at everyone. 

(Dad and Roger)
(Oakley being a big girl)

(They love their Uncle Neldon so much!)

After a bit we all got a little antsy and since they were staying at the Flamingo we thought, "Hey! Why not go SEE the Flamingos?"
We were all excited to take the twins out to see the animals. 
(HUGE Koi fish...seriously the size of the babies)

(The Dad trying out the Baby Bjorns his aunt gave us)

We all got to get a group photo...minus my dad taking the picture :)

(Proud Parents)

The twins were loving it so much!  We figured out how to flip them around so they could see better.  

We hated for it to end but had to get back to reality.  I think it was a great trip though.  The ride  home was just as easy and drama free as the ride there.  
Since then the girls have been sleeping from 8pm-8am with little to no fussing.  Giving all of us some much needed rest.  

My brother has multiple times said we need to move in with him so as to make my parents move down there.  I love his home and being around him but I don't know if that'll slide ;).  

We can't wait to go see him again hopefully soon. 

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