Sunday, September 26, 2010

Long lost friends

Since the girls have been born they haven't made much of an effort to acknowledge each other.  In most instances they actually try avoiding each other and if they are stuck together they will usually punch each other and cry.  

We have been wonder when that day was that they will notice one another and realize the lasting bond they will always have.

Today was that day.  

This morning after being fed, the dad and I were burping them each on our knees.  After noticing Kenzington taking interest in Oakley we decided to face them towards one another and see what happens. At first Oakley made an effort to look away.  Kenzington instantly smiled!  Watching Oakley intently to see what she was doing.  After a moment Kenzington started to coo and gurgle at Oakley, in turn causing her to take note of her sister.  From then on it was fireworks! <3

For 5 minutes or more they sat on our knees laughing, cooing, and smiling wider than ever at each other.  As if us parents weren't even in the room.  It was probably one of the most beautiful and amazing things we have ever seen, no matter how tiny of an event it may have been.  

Since that moment they have taken the time to look for one another while playing or lying down.  It has made me more than excited to see how they interact with one another as they grow.  Will they grow to be best friends?  Or will they grow apart with time?  It's hard to say since every set of twins is different but the future will be exciting either way!

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