Saturday, October 30, 2010

Who knew bottle caps could look so good?

So here's the scoop, I'm horrible at being "Girly"....seriously, BAD. :)  I've been a tom boy my whole life so being good with accessories and matching things has kind of been a challenge for me.  (Unless boy shopping, I'm great at that!)

So finding head bands, hair clips, and accessories for the girls.  I never know what colors to buy because I can never remember what clothes they have!?  Well while my mom and I were doing some early Christmas shopping, not to mention a little splurging of our own, we came upon a kiosk with Peanut Posh accessories.  (Created by a local women in our area)

At first it looked like normal bows and head bands and such.  The nice lady running the kiosk explained how they work!  We instantly fell in love. 

You have SEVERAL options of mix and matching.  For example we purchased:

The Big Kauna  It comes with with 2 petals of all 20 Large and 2 petals of all 20 small flower petals.  Small and Large hair clip and a clear Jeweled bottle cap.  We then purchased separately 2 white headbands (same price as at Kid to Kid) and 4 different bottle caps.  Caps I selected:

Above the headband is one I put together.  Red Small petal light pink large petal. (cloth petals also available) You simply choose what petals will work best with said outfit.  Layer them and add your choice of bottle cap design or bottle cap jewel.  (Mini bottle caps are available for purchase as well) 

This is going to make mix and matching for the twins SO much easier.  I'm so excited to use them daily!  

Also think of it this way, you spend roughly 2-5$ on flowers/bows from Kid to Kid, Babies-r-us, etc.  (Unless you're lucky enough to have the skills to make your own! hehe) I figure with all the different styles and colors of outfits the girls will go through over the years this little package is going to save me a reasonable amount of money.  

ALSO, don't you worry those mums with boys!  They have some adorable neck ties for your little tigers!  


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