Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 4: Something you have to forgive someone else for.

This is something I'm not a huge fan of talking about.  Specifically in detail.  BUT, I need to forgive my Ex (who I was with before I met my most amazing hubby!).  His family and ours were friends, him and his identical twin brother (ironic I know) were best friends with my brother.  In high school we started dating it lasted 3 1/2 years.  

He tore me down to someone I swore I would never be.  He hurt me physically and emotionally.  So bad that I've still not fully recovered (emotionally).  It was one of those situations you swear to your self you'll never be one of those girls.  But once you're drawn into that situation it often takes miracles to be removed.  I lost myself, friends, family, money, trust and much more by staying with him.  I never thought I could leave, he made sure I knew I couldn't find someone else because of how broke and pathetic I was.  I need to forgive him for the fact he had little control, he has addictions that he couldn't handle.  I need to forgive his family for turning a blind eye.  I'd imagine how hard it would be to see my child act that way.

It made me so much stronger to be able to walk away from that pain.  But has taken years and work to realize how much I deserve and how much I can do to make others happy. It is still so hard to see a man get angry and not cower in fear.  

It's taught me to know what to look for so IF my child is ever in this situation and will do everything in my power to get them out of it.  I can say NO and walk away. 

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  1. I'm even MORE glad that you have Austin now. :-)


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