Friday, October 15, 2010

As if...

As if immunizations weren't enough...we went and got the girls ears pierced.  This is cause for some controversy among some parents.  Well we thought it out and felt it was a good choice.  They will not be able to mess with their ears for a little while longer, leaving room for healing and less/no infection. (I remember going through a few infections-not fun!)  Luckily they forgot about it quickly rather than being 5yrs + and remembering it all day long or even longer. (I've heard the stories!)

Not to mention it's cute, now they are color oriented (Kenzington Pink and Oakley White), and they are no longer confused to be baby boys! =p

Anyway, they both of course cried.  Kenzington as though she fell from a tree!  :) Although I think dad was a little more nervous about everything than anyone else. 

 Once they were in the car and on our way it was as if it never happened!  

Once we made it home, after a quick stop at the gamma's work, they ate cooed and talked then quickly went to bed.  

I must say it was a pretty eventful day for the little ones.  

They are growing and developing so quickly now.  Finding their voices, grabbing and trying to pull everything to their mouths.  It's so fun to be able to watch all their progress.  Before we know it they'll be on their snowboards, ripping up the track on their dirt bikes and rolling down the street on their long boards! 

It's also been a learning process for their parents.  We have both learned so much patients with them, with our selves, and with life in general.  You need to just take things as they come and enjoy the moments that never seem to last long enough.   

Halloween is approaching and we are so excited to get them dressed up and show them off! :)
They are going to be so cute and will laugh at the pictures when they look back on their first Halloween.  

No only if I can get their dad to dress up!

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