Friday, May 27, 2011

Running with Angels and a NICU party

This last Saturday was the day for the Running with Angels 5k run.  If you're an old reader of this blog you know my reason for running from this post last year. I was there in hopes of being some support for our amazing friends.
What is so amazing about this day and the fact that the race actually fell on this day May 21, was that it was little James first birthday.

(These were the back of our shirts, designed by his mom herself)

This was such a touching run and the opening ceremony was just so beautiful.

The couple was able to release white doves in memory and dedication for their little guy along with 4 (I think) other families.  

To me this couple just Shines with love and joy in their hearts.  I really love this couple they have been so strong and loving through all their hardships and am so glad that I was able to build a friendship with them.  What's even better is that these gorgeous people are expecting a little girl in a few months!  I couldn't be more happy for them!

It was heart warming to just watch the families hug as they followed the birds as they flew away.  
Hundreds of people had come to support families, friends, and loved ones that have been lost.
Soon after the race was ready to begin and as the runners took their mark we all really just talked and prepared for a nice little Speed Walk through the Thanksgiving Point Gardens.  

I'm not sure if many of you have heard of this place, but it is probably one of the prettiest gardens I've ever been through.  Pictures could never capture how large and beautiful this place was.  Full of tulips, greenery, several waterfalls, water fountains, numerous places to just sit back at look over the entire place and it's beauty. It was just the perfect scenery to be taking during something like this.  Showing us how blessed we are to be and live on such an amazing planet and to be surrounded by love and beauty.  (Did I say beauty enough?)  

This just gave me even more memories I'll always get to cherish and remember.  

Speaking of being blessed and cherishing things-

the annual NICU reunion party just happen to run a couple days after the girls birthday and on the same day as the race.  In fact I remember being in the hospital on my first trip up to the NICU and hearing them talk about the party.  

We really didn't know what to expect and figured at the least we would get to see some of the great nurses that helped us through our 6 weeks in the NICU with the twins.  

They had blow up toy thingys a bunch of tents with games, face painting, foods, candy.  It honestly was a perfect place for a toddler.  Unfortunately the girls weren't able to really enjoy any of it yet so we simply sat in the grass had some dinner while the girls people watched just enjoying what was around them.

We were able to show off the girls to a couple of the nurses that we remember from our stay, but didn't see many others.  It really was a blessing to have people who cared so stinking much about us and the girls while we were there.  I know that I wouldn't have been able to make it through those longs weeks without their support.  Constantly having to tell me that they will be ready on their own time and that everything will work out like it's supposed to.  
I remember a couple days before the girls were released the nurses had to force the dude and I to go to a movie and dinner.  Our last night out on the town with no kids at home to worry about, hehe.
We will really never forget the amazing doctors and nurse staff that were there.

I really hope everyone takes a second and looks at all the great and wonderful things they have to be thankful for.  Sometimes we ( i know i do) get caught up in the crazy fast pace of life and forget all that we are given and are blessed with.  We are so lucky to have two happy and healthy little girls even after all the little complications. 

I hope everyone has a safe and awesome weekend!  

{Happy Friday!}


  1. beautiful post...sounds like an amazing and powerful race.

  2. Your friends sound like an amazingly strong couple, I bet it was an inspirational and emotional race.

  3. did u know i have 2 NICU babies?? we go to the reunions too :)!!!!!

  4. I wish they would do a walk like this where I am! I'd gladly participate! I have had two very early miscarriages that I never talk about but also run a non-profit for mothers who have lost children and I think this walk is amazing. I'm so sorry for the loss of James and am sending prayers up to his parents. I'm guessing you have twins??! How sweet!! Love them so!

    I'm visiting you from The Shine Project and am also your newest follower. So glad I found you today and hope to become good blog friends!

  5. awesome awesome awesome. the pictures, the race. the meaning behind the race, the little Everyone loves Mary picture of the little girl. loved it!


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