Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Heyo Mayo

I thought I would introduce myself to May.  May started out with a bang, new things are evident in this new month and some of those things will be amazing!  I will make sure to take in every day as though it were my last.

School has come to an end and so far I know I received an A in one for the others I'll know this week.  Rugby has also come to an end for the season and I feel, all of a sudden, very out of shape.  That will change, I am making it a summer goal starting this beautiful May by continuing to work out at least 3 times a week.  
The gremlins are starting to understand their signs more and more.  As well as are trying to say more words like doggy, kitty, hi, hey, hello.  It's pretty adorable.
We leave on our trip without those wee ones this Friday, I'm not ready on so many levels.  
I'm thinking, deep thoughts, about starting a 365 day photo challenge starting on their birthday May 19th.  It's still a thought.  

Spring is like a new beginning for everything, not just the plants and animals but for us as it inches into Summer.  It's a chance to feel revitalized and start doing things we had set to do as resolutions.  To me at least.  No more dreary winter days keeping you cooped up and mind blocked from the world.  Just sunny skies, laughing, playing, enjoying everything around.  

I'm excited, that's all I really should say. :)  It's going to be great!

How are you saying 'hello' to May?

Everyone have a-
{Happy Tuesday!


  1. MAY is gonna be SOOO GREAT. I can just feel it :)

  2. super cute blog and lovely post! make sure to follow me and checkout what im wearing for wardrobe wednesday tomorrow!


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