Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hospital Packing for Multiples (and singles)

As I was blog stalking over at Multiples and More I came upon a great post about what you should bring to the hospital for your stay and when you should be packed and ready to go. HERE.  Not only is her list perfect for multiples but it's great for singleton mums as well and to think about packing early.  In the NICU we saw 2 sets of multiples..ours and then a boy/girl set.  All the other 40+ kids in the NICU were singletons, so don't be frightened but be aware premature babies happen often.  

If only I would have taken all those articles, forum posts, and blog posts seriously I would have been packed and ready to go for our stay.  Alas I wasn't, but that's OK.  
Although, we were lucky enough to be in the hospital for 3 days before the twins were born, so it gave the dude plenty of time to run home and grab a list of items I wrote down for him.  Many of those items are on this list, but a lot weren't.  In our 7-8 day stay he ended up having to head home or to the local store for things I needed.  

The ones that really stuck out for me on this list were:

#18)  Nursing bras if breastfeeding.  If not a couple of good sturdy support bras.

#19)  A postpartum binder.

With #18 I ended up using a sports bra because I hadn't gone nursing bra shopping before hand.  I expected to have a few more weeks to get that taken care of.  It made things a little more complicated in the end.  So if you plan on nursing make sure you have a good bra picked out for your stay. 

As for #19, I did buy a Belly Bandit but I bought it 2 weeks after I was home from the hospital and thinking back it would have been great to have that support during our stay right from the beginning.  You can usually find great deals on these types of things and I strongly suggest reading the reviews and seeing which will best suit you. I liked the Belly Bandits brand because they were very breathable, had different designs and patterns if I cared, and also seemed to fit flush with the flesh better than other brands.  I generally wore it when I was up and moving around during the day and then through the night.  

Something I also suggest, but this is because I hate feeling nasty and wish I would have prepared a little better.  Anyway, get pampered while you're prego, get your hair done, nails, done what have you and do it often! This is your time to explain to your husband that you deserve to pamper yourself a little, because come time you wont have as much of that time to spend on yourself.   I look back on pictures of our stay in the hospital and wish I would have looked a little better.  Yes yes, I went through a heck of a lot and had a right to look horrible but if I would have packed my toiletries and heck had my hair done (as in colored and cut often) I would have had the means to make my self feel a little better.  Because deny it if you must but you know you feel 100 x's better if you've showered with your favorites and done yourself up a little.  Even if you're wearing your most comfiest clothes. 

Hopefully her post and my slightly words of wisdom help some of you expectings or hoping to some day expect moms. 

{Happy Sunday Everyone!}

I am off to do our first attempt at a fondant cake! 

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  1. the things i don't know because i'm not a baby person. these sorts of posts are good for me!


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