Monday, May 16, 2011

Aloha...wait that's not right...

Hello! from....back home in not so warm U.C.! 

You got it, we are  back home after 7 amazing days in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  I really hope all my bloggitty friends had a great Mothers day and some good adventures without me! <3

I figured I'd post about our trip in sequels- I guess you could say.  We did so much and so much happen it was just a crazy vacation.  Instead of packing it all into one giant post I'll spread it out into a few.  Maybe, a couple days at a time.

First and foremost I seriously am so thankful and lucky to have an amazing husband that works hard so we can take these little trips away.  Also for a family who is willing to be there and help us out with the gremlins and hairy children so that me and the dude can escape, just us two.  Blessed, loved, and so thankful. =)

 I'm going to start off with the not so good feelings.  Get that out of the way right?  
Well, we ended up showing up a bit late to our flight, from the beginning I could tell there was a problem and it was made known when the airport worker tried to whisper to her co-worker that there wasn't enough room on the plane.  Don't worry though, after some shuffling around they checked us in and we were on our way through security...45 minutes of waiting to get through security I should say.  Honestly we were just happy it wasn't a repeat of last time we flew US Airways to Mexico and they didn't inform us of their flight cancelation at 6am and we ended up having to wait 4 hours (at the airport) for the next flight out! BUT that's in the past ;)

We boarded the plane, heard some rumors of luggage having to be checked different because of the plane being over weight.. thought nothing of it and enjoyed the short ride to Phoenix to catch another plane to PVR, MX.  Both flights were great, sitting next to very nice people who we chatted with along the way about things to do and see while there.  
Around 6 pm we landed it was humid, the air smelled of nature, it was warm, and the sun was shining without a cloud in the sky!  The scenery was much like places in Hawaii, tropical and green.  Much different than was we saw in Mazatlan.  

After waiting to get through customs we were on our way to get our luggage and catch a cab to our destination resort.  Unfortunately after searching and checking each bag several times...ours was no where to be found.  I should say mine was no where to be found, the dude packed all of his things in a backpack for carry on.  Being a female I apparently was unable to do so, hehe.  
I'm not sure if I was simply being a little baby or it's just how you feel when they tell you they left your luggage in another country (the US) and you wont be getting it till the next day, but I was pretty sad, upset and a little angry.  No worries though as we headed on our way.

If you haven't heard, the goal to exiting the airports in MX is to keep your head down so that those sneaky salesmen don't capture you!  Apparently I forgot to inform the dude of this and within moments we were being talked into taking a tour of another near by resort and listening to a small "presentation"(scheduled for the next day).  Probably the best decision we made! No joke..and you'll see why in a moment.

Not only did they give us discounts on adventures we wanted to take part in but they gave us a free taxi ride to our resort.  To skip a long and not so entertaining story, we were a little disappointed in the resort we thought we had researched well before hand.  It was dirty, crowded, loud, trash all over, beach was blah, pools weren't too awesome, food=ick, and our room overlooked a make shift dumping field,and the staff just wasn't too kind.  We tried to shrug it off and the next morning after receiving my luggage (thank goodness) we headed to the "presentation".  

The resort we toured that was just a couple miles south of ours was newer, gorgeous rooms, beautiful pool, ocean views from each room, marble and granite floors/counters, kitchens/fridge in each room.  We could have lived there.  We were able to try their breakfast buffet which was just yum.  After going through the "buy this and you'll live like a king" speech from the salesman-as good as the speech sounded- we had to decline and they thanked us and we walked away.  

Stopping there for a moment I'm going to address something-
We aren't usually too picky at places we stay and are simply thankful to just be somewhere cool. Usually you're on vacation and spend most of your time away and not in your room, so on.  After some thought, we kind of came to the conclusion besides 2 days out of the 7, we planned on staying at the resort by the pool, on the beach, in our room relaxing, etc.  So when spending a lot of money on a Birthday/Anniversary/Mothers day gift you want it to feel good and comfortable as you relax away.  

With that (and now onto the good feelings), we decided to move to the other resort.  Surprisingly finding out that for a small price change we would be able to upgrade from a 3star to a-in my opinion- 5star resort.  All-inclusive, ocean views, etc.  

In the end it was a great thing that we went on that tour presentation and made a good move.  Each meal was delicious, we had several options, even room service.  Unlimited Meals, drinks, and fun from 7am-10pm. It was quiet but entertaining and relaxing yet exciting. 

The first day at the new resort we spent by the pool and eating some amazing pizza while tasting some yummy drinks.  The following couple of days were going to be filled with adventure and we really could not wait to experience them!  

That's my Picky post for the week, hopefully you check back later to see the great things we did, saw, and all that in-between.

I have lots to catch up on, reading up on my blog loves, laundry, cleaning, and birthday planning!

{Happy Monday!}  


  1. I'm glad you guys got all of the bad stuff worked out early in the trip! I'm excited to read more about it.

  2. Great pictures. I found your blog from another blog I follow. I am now following your blog too. You see, I am an identical twin myself. I will enjoy reading what you write about your twins, as well as what your thoughts are as the mother of twins. I hope you will follow me back

  3. Sounds like an awesome vacation!! <3


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