Monday, May 23, 2011

Fabulous Five ❤

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Today I get to talk about 5 Fabulous bloggers that inspire me and are, well, simply fabulous!  To me fabulous is being you and showing people who you are with no regrets!  Also having fun with what you do on a day to day basis, that can be hard but it's amazing how many people out there are so positive about life.  (Sometimes I wish I saw my glass half full more often than not ;) )

In reality there are so many wonderful blogs that I read daily that it was difficult to pick 5.  Alas I did and If you haven't heard of em before please do go check em out! :)

She is a total cutie and has some of the most adorable headbands around! I love her style as she isn't afraid to go with the bright and beautiful colors when creating in her studio or just simply dressing up for the day!  Lets not forget the her adorable kitties that she captures and shares with us weekly! 

Being a mum of multiples I follow and am friends with a lot of other moms of multiples.  I've always said that it can be difficult with twins but this mom shows us just how fun it can be with triplets!  Not only are they identical but they are totally handsome adorable!  To me that's a super mom, keeping up with 3 boys, taking daily pictures, creating T-shirts for other moms of triplets and so much more!  I love reading about their adventures.

Head over to her blog and try not to tell me how fun and adorable her little man Oliver is?!  It's so fun to see the new faces he pulls in her daily pictures of him, too cute.  My most favorite thing about her is she speaks her mind and isn't afraid to let other know how she feels.  But always in a fun loving way.  I can't help but get a few good giggles when reading her posts.  Not only that but word on the street she is opening an Etsy shop with some great vintage items!

First thing I have to say about this blogger is OMG I love her clothes and outfit posts and totally wish that I could pull that stuff off, hehe.  She creates some of the most fun and adorable creatures in her Etsy shop and I'm just waiting for that extra cash to come in so I can snag something plushy. She has two little ones and She recently (4 months recent) had her 2nd girl and you'll just die over how cute little Miss Poe is. Poe? Yes LOVE IT!  She posts about randoms and mother hood keeping you on your toes with the fun little reads.

This little jewel is something a came upon recently and so glad that I have.  Casey is a mother of two, an artist, and married to an Ashton Kutcher look alike film maker.  Totally awesome right?!  Being someone who has always been into art and design since I was a wee one I just love seeing some of her paintings.  She blogs about so many great and inspiring things you can't help but enjoy reading up daily, life, love, family, faith, and friends.  Not to mention you can't get by how stinking cute her little family is.

I hope you stop by these fabulous bloggers and check them out! 

{Happy Monday Lovies!}

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  2. Aw, thanks for the kind words! Your girls are adorable, congratulations!


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