Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy Anniversary ♥

It was 3 years ago today the dude and I were sealed with a kiss!
We spent our last anniversary in the NICU and decided to spend this one early in beautiful Mexico.  Best part of it all?  I've been able to do it all with him by my side.  He's too amazing for words and helps with so many things.  Probably the best dad around, always willing to drop everything and play with his girls.
Who knew one day I would find the man I was meant to be with and we would start our adventures together.  I never knew, as I was meant to be the one with no husband or kids (in my mind).  It's been a fun ride, despite the regular bumps, and the future is bound to bring even better stories for the future.  

Love you babe! ❤  


  1. YAY!!!! Happy Anniversary!!! I Love that we picked the same day!!!! Sounds like we both have some pretty awesome husbands!!!!! I hope you guys have a AWESOME day!

  2. awww yay! happy day!!!!! SO SWEEET!

  3. Gosh, the future I scroll down the more exciting things I find!! Happy Anniversary! You make a beautiful couple!!


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