Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Predators Birthday!

OK, it wasn't Predators birthday, BUT it was someones birthday and we did encounter a couple predators. May 10th was this lovely mans birthday...

Spending your birthday in Mexico?  Can't get too much better if you ask me.  But Guess what?!  It did!

Something we heard about doing in Puerto Vallarta was the many Canopy Zip Line tours.  We got a half off discount to the El Eden tour where the movie Predator was filmed, having some of the highest and longest zip lines ranging from 1600ft long, 400ft in the air over Mismayola River gorge and reaching speeds of up to 60mph.    To reach El Eden from our hotel we were picked up in a truck where seats were placed in the back and a "canopy" cover over head.  The ride was about 2 hours through down town PVR and up the mountain with half of the ride being on dirt roads.  It was so beautiful seeing all the green and driving along the coast watching the beaches pass us by.    

They start you out with a little demonstration/learning session on how to use your equipment, then to begin the first couple zip lines are over a rock river slide, rope swing and restaurant to get you used to stopping and slowing.  

Then it was some nice hikes up to the big guns and boy we were ready!  Here are a few pics of what we experienced.

The dude letting go and hanging upside down!

On occasion we didn't have to break and they spun us around..on those ones you often heard me screaming "I'm backwards! I'm backwards!".  

The guy in the black with the thumbs-up..he knew the owner, haha.
Also, the guy in the predator suite, he jumped out from trees and scared people.  Yes, he got me.

It was probably one of the funnest things ever...apparently I showed my fear well as each time I would scream and be questioned if I was crying.  No, I wasn't crying, haha!

My favorite was definitely the longest and highest one, where you took off from a 2x2 rock sticking out of a cliff and just plummeted down towards the bottom!  SO exciting! 

Afterwards you are given some time to buy some food, swim, or just relax.  We of course swam, after an hour or so of hiking in the heat it was nice to cool off.

Although we were tired and it was late in the afternoon when we arrived back at the resort it was probably the 2nd best day while we were there.  So exciting and something neither of us has done before on such a large scare. If you ever are in PVR it is definitely something I would strongly suggest doing! It's those one of kind things.
Would you ever do it?

{Happy Wednesday Loves!}

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  1. Isn't zip lining the best?! Love these pictures! Turned out great :)


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