Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Birthday Party

The twins First birthday turned out to be such a fun day! Despite me stressing over, pretty much everything.  
I really need to just say a huge Thank You to everyone who came and gave the girls some great new things.  Also to the family that came from WA and to other family for helping with food and deserts! Oh, and to my mum for letting me use her kitchen for 10hrs to make the girls cakes. <3

I wasn't able to finish the orange one's icing around the edge because sadly the icingerthingymabob broke. :(  I have an exercise to help you though -imagine a cake, and orange cake.  Now imagine pink icing in cute little bumps around the orange cake- get a good picture?  Good! 

The fondant turned out really tasty though.  A hint of lemon flavor and some pieces had a hint of vanilla.  YUM! 

Everyone said they probably wouldn't just go and dive into the cakes because of hearing or having experiences with others not wanting to.  Boy we were surprised..

 Oakley instantly picked hers up, flipped it, and starting eating from the bottom!

First impression-odd.  But after some warming up, LOVED IT!

Kenzlee took another approach and decided to just take big bites out of the side without using her hand.  I think I got more pictures of her because of the faces she was making.  She would open up super wide, lean over, then as she would bite down her eyes would instantly cross!  Perfect!

Afterwards of course they were a giant mess!  This was the aftermath of their destruction of moms hard work, ;) joking of course, hehe.

We had some great friends and family over, including 5 babies and 3 toddlers.  It was a party house.  After opening up some gifts, cleaning up some cake covered kids we all dug into some ice cream and cupcakes and just sat around playing with the little ones and chatting.  It was really a good night, although much of it seems a blur.  

After planning and getting it all ready for the first time, I really know how I want to do things for the future birthdays to come.  I really loved our theme, Julius the Monkey just seems like a fun happy character.  It wasn't one of those fancy parties but it was our party!  ❤  

What themes do you like?


  1. Happy happy birthday O & K!!! Sure looks like they had fun!

  2. Those cakes turned out so cute! It looks like a great party :)

  3. Happy Birthday K & O!! They are so cute with their gorgeous cakes!! Looks like the perfect 1st birthday!!

  4. OOOH Happy Birthday sweet Girls!!! Looks like a SUPER successful party!!! AWESOME!!! Im planning on my lil mans next party to be dr. seuss!

  5. i love seeing pictures of babies and their first birthday cakes. :)

  6. Oh how fun! Jack destroyed his cake!! It was everywhere haha!
    They look so adorable!

    I'm thinking a "Rock Star" theme or "Superheroes" :)

  7. this is so fabulous! amazing seriously. when i have birthday parties for my kids someday, you will be planning. super cute. lovely post! make sure to check out what i'm wearing for wardrobe wednesday! xoxo

  8. Happy Birthday to your sweet girls!! I see here that they are indeed twinsies! SOO sweet! I cannot believe you did a Paul Frank party! I have been a Paul Frank fan since I was about 8 and was so sad when stores stopped carrying it and then THRILLED when the Target line was introduced. I guess with the economy they had been struggling but I think the Target line was so good for them. Rambling.. I know! Told you I'm a big fan! Anyway Happy 1st Birthday to your sweet girls! I know that I'm just finding you but I'd love to send you some little bow clips as a birthday present for them if you are interested. You can come check me out to see that I'm legit, I actually own a baby boutique. As a mom to one preemie and another one child who was almost born are 21weeks (my labor was stopped multiple times) I love celebrating NICU babies!


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