Thursday, May 19, 2011

One Year!

Remember these guys?!  Yeah, see how tiny and stuff they were.  
Now, a year later!  One whole year!  Look at'em!

Don't worry, we have covers, ha!

It's OK, people have called them fat, chubby, chunky, you name it!  But I'm OK with that.  Why?  Because they were born 3lbs 16oz and often premature babies don't pack the weight like they should. :) I'm a happy momma, hehe.

Just a few facts about them-

They both:  Say momma, daddy, dgy (doggy), iggy (kitty), more that I can't remember.  They can sign more and milk.  Give high fives, wave, clap, dance, roll, almost crawl, play peek-a-boo with each other (yes each other), reach up and pull up when we say "up"..hmm so many cool things they are doing I can't remember them all.  Have curls in their hair they obviously got from mommy.  Like to mimmic everything you do or sometimes say.  Throw temper tantrums.  Shy away when embarrassed.  

Oakley is 22lbs 9oz 
Kenzington is 22lbs 5oz

We are just so blessed and lucky to have such strong girls who really love to keep mom and dad on their toes.  
We will be throwing them a party tomorrow night and I'll be sure to report back about that with some fun cake pictures! 

Also!  Before I go...

Despite the blur-yes already, heck BEFORE the age of one Ms. O is showing her accident prone side like her mom and has fractured her femur bone.  She is a trooper though!  Love her to death!

Hope you all are having a great Thursday!  I know we are despite the trip to the Dr.  

Much Love 


  1. Happy Birthday to those adorable baby girls! Congrats on surviving the first year! And I hope Oakley heals quickly!

  2. Look at those tiny precious miracles! And HECK yes on how much they weigh!! Only Mommy's of premie's get that...and that is just so awesome! And their faces are adorable and poor Oakley :( You gonna post about that one?!

    Have an awesome time celebrating the big 1!! And congrats to Mom and Dad for making it to one year ;)

  3. happy birthday! ok...and can i just say that my oldest son weighed 6.15 at birth, and was only 17 pounds at a year old. so your girls rock!

  4. MY little boy was born 6 weeks early and was about 5 the age of 2 he is HUGE!!! Happy birthday to your little blessings!

  5. so adorable :) they seriously are both such beautiful babies!

    Happy birthday to them! wow, how time flies!

  6. just came across your blog...holy cow not one but 2 ADORABLE little girls? I bet you can't get enough. what a blessing to have them both.

  7. Happy Birthday! Adorable pictures <3


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