Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lists and Loves

So this is what the twins see every day...poor them, haha.

But, this is what I get to see every day!

 (Gotta love her chubs!)

Makes you wonder if they think that mom is just a robot from outer space that has a lens attached to her face. Probably
Either way I can't help but love to capture as many moments with them as I can!  Looking at the pictures from nearly a year ago (a year? not possible) I was overcome with dread at how quickly those little moments pass us by and sometimes they are hard to remember without a good picture to back them up.
Happiness is all that I feel when I'm around them and excitement for what adventures we are going to have this summer.  The gift of now is something we are so lucky to have and should really hold on to.  
Those moments I was so tired from trying to rock my little ones to sleep and frustrated that I wasn't sleeping, I can never take back.  As I look at them now I wish so much that they still cuddled like that but I also long for those moments where they will say "Mommy, I love you".  

So I am going to give you a challenge, during this coming weekend capture some of your favorite moments! 10 years from now you'll be so happy you did. 

Anyway, this is what I did last night-

That's right, I too make lists.  It's a must when I'm going on a vacation or a getaway.  Otherwise, I forget and even when I do make a list I sometimes forget.  I also made a little daily schedule to hand off to the rents per their request.  We know they got it down pat but it always makes you feel a little more comfortable to see what the gremlins are used to for their daily routine.  

What does it all mean, Basil?  
Well, what it means is tomorrow night we are leaving and are in the final preparations for the trip.  I was asked today if I was excited to get away, just the two of us.  My honest reply was, No, even though I totally should be.  Maybe it's the ever looming fear of leaving the twins for 7 days?  
Everything will be fine and I know that someone has a watch over my gremlins.  Also, I'm sure once we have everything settled away and are out on our own it will feel a little better and I'll be able to settle into the relaxation of our trip. 

It's going to be exciting, it's our Anniversary, Mother's Day, Birthday trip all packed into one! It's gotta be good, right?!  
I know our resort wont have internet so unfortunately (or if you're a glass half full type a lad, fortunately) I will not be updating with pics, news, or adventures till I get back!  I may be twittering here and there though so please do Follow, we loves follow friends. 

On that note I'll leave you with this-

{Have a fabulous Mother's Day weekend and week!}


  1. New follower here :) AND I'm dying over your twins! And your whole blog! LO.VE

  2. Beautiful family!! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your trip:) I'm following from the hop. Please come visit once you get back!

  3. thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! i love your photography, you are amazing!! xoxo

  4. have fun and I will await your return.

    P.S. that is how I look like too camera stuck to my face. ha.

  5. Your twins are adorable! Have a lovely vacation and Mother's Day.

    Btw, I'm following from High Five Friday and hope you'll come join my Spring Blog Hop, too.


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