Sunday, May 8, 2011

I Heart Faces | Motherhood

Hi!  From sunny sunny south of the border!  I pre-made this post hoping that I will have the network ability to enter it on their page.  So *crosses fingers*.

Anyway, this weeks theme is Motherhood and what it means to us.  Either of our mother, someones mother, or something that just screams motherhood.

Well this was taken by my amazin' dude while the twins were in the NICU of me holding Oakley.  To me, holding them close in the NICU was probably the first time I really understood what motherhood meant to me.  It is something indescribable, something that words can never express from the love you feel in your heart and the peace you feel in your soul. Mothers Day to me is to celebrate how lucky I am as a mother to have two healthy bouncing gremlins.  
{Happy Mothers Day everyone!}


  1. What a precious picture! Happy Mother's Day and I hope you are having a fantastic time!

  2. Precious picture, I hope you're having fun south of the border!

  3. that photo is beautiful. lovely post. happy mothers day!


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