Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Why you little..

This is what we see at night.  And that last picture, well that's what we see either in the middle of the night or by morning.  
What's that all mean?  They are rolling over in their cribs now.  For the first time ever, we found K sleeping on her belly just the other night.  I can't say I don't blame them, I myself can't stand sleeping on my back (as you probably already know).  But despite that adorable face, we still can't help but be completely nervous about their new ability.  What if they get stuck in the corner and can't move?  What if they get the blanket wrapped around them?  So many "what if's" run through my mind it's crazy.  Maybe I'm being utterly silly about the whole thing and shouldn't worry because all kids go through this.  I still can't help but think of worst case scenario and my heart races a little every time I find them that way.  
Any advice on not being such a crazy scared mother?

Also, I'm in need of some help from all you creatively thinking people out there.  As you know in a little over a month the twins will be 1, I know nuts!  I still haven't been able to think of a good party theme!  It's getting down to the wire where I may be too busy if I don't get it started now.  I've seen lots of Thing 1 Thing 2 themes, or Monkey themes..I've been wanting to do something that somehow incorporates twins or multiples, then again as long as it's fun and is adorable of course it doesn't really matter if it incorporates twins.  But my mind just draws a blank!  
:) so if you have any fab ideas or have seen any cute themes out there throw them my way! 
{Much love and Happy Wednesday!}


  1. EEEK! I freaked out when our twins rolled over to go to sleep, I did the what if game until I asked their pediatrician and she assured me it was totally fine when they roll over. PHEW! Anyways, I know how party planning goes, I went with colors since I figure I have many many years of them telling me what they want so I went simple this year! Etsy has awesome ideas! I'm doing tissue paper pom poms since they are quite possibly the cheapest decoration you can make and super easy! If you google the blog for "Its always a party at the Parkers" she has some amazing DIY themes and ideas!

    P.S. Ava has a quilt made out of that butterfly fabric, I love it, its so cute!! Hope you are having a great day!

  2. You don't need to worry. My little guy started that at about 6 months. Once they can do it on there own, you can be assured they can roll back over if needed. I found I would put him in his back to sleep and he'd roll over and sleep on his tummy and at 2 he still does the same thing!


  3. Do a cupcake theme?
    Or 'peas in a pod'

  4. If you are worried about the blanket just put them in a blanket sleeper and take the blanket out of the crib. That way it can't get tangled around them.

  5. I dont blame you, that sort of stuff still scared me and my kids are 2 and 4. I think it's healthy to worry it's what motherhood is all about, ha.

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