Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Testing & Music

First can you resist this face??
Yeah, me either.  

I know I said I'd post some pics from this weekend.  Well I decided I'd save those pictures of the girls for tomorrow on WW.  But just to update you on some of the adorable and not so adorable things they are doing these days:
Oakley has learned how to wave.  Mostly if you wave to her first, she looks at you for a moment then responds with a backward wave.  

They both have conversations of grunts and squeals that make us laugh and others question their sanity.

If you haven't felt helpless before, watch a kid try their hardest to's very sad sometimes. lol  They stick their butts so high in the air but don't understand that they need to also lift themselves with their arms.  It's either one way or the other, they haven't put it together just yet.  So feeling defeated they keep reaching for the toy in front of them and lie their heads down on the floor in defeat, arm still out reached..slowly pushing their legs as if there was a small hope for forward movement.  Like I said, it's sad.

Good news though, they can push/crawl backwards.  So hey 2 steps back on step forward, I've been saying that since they were born and it's worked so far! :)

Something not so cute right now, the understanding of inside voices. Haha, silly but sometimes it would be pleasant to have a inside conversation with out screaming children.  

Another thing, which I really cannot blame on her but I guess I more or less don't know what to do.  Kenzlee has become frightened of well almost everything.  Loud noises, her own father sometimes, strangers, being alone...Her cry is just so sad too as she quivers her bottom lip.  (you'll see pictures of what I mean tomorrow)

I'm thinking of posting, again, about the sleeping habits of the girls and what I've learned so far, with twins or just kids in general that has helped us a lot..but that will be for later.

Anyway, I spent most of the weekend working on homework.  You know like I said, with the semester coming to an end things are just a little bit crazy around here.  Luckily we got some free tickets to the Home and Garden Expo here in town (Yes I feel old for going to this).  So on Saturday, we hooked up with the rents and decided to get out of the house.

What did I find most entertaining/interesting there?

This is correct, the pest control companies had giant bugs all over!  This little guy- Awesome!

Other than that there was a lot of expensive stuff that made me wish I was a millioness.  Alas I am not so in the end it took a giant meal from Cafe Rio to make it all better. :)

Sunday it was back to  Literally, I was in the hole (our basement/my office) from early morning till late evening working on magazine covers, movie posters, and random picture editing. 
Sad part about it is, I'm not even really half way done and need to finish all of these projects by this Saturday. *sigh* 

Monday, was a little break from the dreaded Graphic Applications class but was only to be taken over by Art History studying for the test I had to take that night.  
To say the least I have been dreading this week and it has come.  I will say that the Monkey Ninja has been amazing and taken care of the gremlins the entire time I've been studying.   -On a side note, they have a testing room at our school testing center that plays music!  Can you believe that?  I think that's pretty awesome.  Does your schools do that?-

Good news though.  After my test we took advantage of yet again some free tickets and got to see Arcade Fire in concert!  

Haven't heard of them? Well you should, just check out this video HERE!
Their stage performance was incredible and it totally took away that bad taste that my test left in the back of my mouth.  If you ever see them in concert, watch the dude that plays pretty much every instrument, red drum, piano, etc...he runs around and is probably my most favorite person this year!

After that night I figured this week may not be that bad.  Then today, it got even better!  My most favoritest band, the band of all bands, the big bambino of the music to my heart, released yet another totally awesome album!!!  Who is it? 
Foo Fighters

So head to their site or even to iTunes and check it know you'll love it. ;)

In conclusion, this week is turning out, OK. Even though it has just begun, I have positive hopes for it now, instead of wanting to shove it in a pocket of my most hated pair of jeans and blasting them off into space.  
{Happy Tuesday Everyone!}


  1. Poor kenzlee! My little oscar has started to be that way, we took all the kids to a movie last week, and during the previews, something startled him and he freaked out! I couldn't get him to stop crying! I even ended up leaving with him because he couldn't take the loud movie (which I want to sad about... Gnomeo and juliet) but out does make me worry a little about his hearing. Hopefully its just a phase!

  2. I heart Arcade Fire, home & garden shows are awesome, and I hope the school stuff slows down soon!


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