Friday, April 8, 2011

Frankly I'm excited!

After much thought of not knowing what the heck we were going to do for the girls birthday, I've decided. :) Thanks to everyones suggestions and support, which helped very much in the decision process. 

Here is the over all look/theme I'm wanting to shoot for:

[Love my little throw together? Me too, ha.]

We didn't want to have a set theme of some disney movie due to the fact they haven't seen any yet. So it just didn't make sense.  What did make sense was something focusing around colors.  I liked the idea of a "monkey" theme but not a traditional one.  Something I've always liked since I was little was the Julius  Knit Monkey/Paul Frank design.  The colors and everything that go along with it just seem too cute.  

Cakes:   After looking at some great ideas from some Twin groups and people I follow I've decided 2 smaller cakes for the girls to destroy would be best fit.  But instead of making a larger one for everyone else, I want to do little Paul Frank Cupcakes.
I hope to be able to talk one of our friends into making the cakes for us!  She does an amazing job and did for her little mans birthday. (If they'll be in town)

Colors:  The colors I want to focus on for the cake and cupcakes are the ones seen on the pants (mid left).  Yellow, Pink, and Blue pastel'ish colors. With each cake alternating it's focusing color maybe so they both aren't exactly the same?

Patterns:   I haven't really decided and hope to get help when the cakes are being made, but I'd like to have mostly polka dots, if stripes very few, and possibly the adorable girly Julius monkey with a bow (top left) to be placed somewhere.  

Decorations:  I plan to keep it simple.  Probably some really cute banner flags strung in places and if I can find any some decorative plates/napkins.  Of course some party hats for the gremlins to top it all off!

It sounds like a lot of planning, kind of, but I'm trying to keep it pretty simply and small.  I just want it to be cute and memorable for us and in pictures for the girls in the future.  

The decision on weather to have it on their birthday the 19th or to wait till that Saturday has yet to be decided, it depends on some key family members if they can make it to one or the other.  
I'm a horrible planner so this will be exciting as I plan to handle most of it...*sigh* so much for a easy going summer right?!  I'm still excited and gotta love every minute of it though :) 

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  1. Cute! I love this! I'm pretty sure that once I'm pregnant someday I will be planning the birthdays before they're even born! hahaha I'm photographing a first bday tomorrow for my friend, I'm so excited!


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