Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday Thinking

  • Our galaxy is surrounded by 40+ others.  Beyond that there are clusters with 2000+ galaxies within them.  How can some people believe we are the only beings out there?
  • Really loving watching the gremlins talk to one another.
  • Started thinking again about joining the air force.  It just seems right.
  • I love my TOMS shoes...but I also love my worn down Keds.
  • Needing a makeover.  
  • Cannot wait for next month, no school for 3 months, trips..ahh..refreshing.
  • How awesome my readers and fellow bloggers are.
  • I wanna be a rockstar. 
  • Should start playing the guitar again.
  • My's going to be different soon. Ugh
  • Could go for a good home made salad, where is my chef?
  • that man I said "I do" to, he's my rockstar (theme maybe?)
  • I hope the twins eyes stay blue..
  • learning makes me smile.
  • Hope my final grades are good.

{Happy Thursday! =)}


  1. Happy Thursday - wonderful post! Hugs xxx

  2. Makeover? Sign me up! I secretly wish my family would sign me up for what not to wear....i can handle the criticism for a new wardrobe. Right!?

  3. i totally agree with you about what's out there in the galaxy. i love the feeling of thinking that we aren't alone.


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