Wednesday, April 20, 2011

summer goals

With Winter and Spring kind of winding down and school coming to a close I feel all sorts of out of whack.  My mind can't focus, my nerves are almost shot, and everything is a mess.
So in hopes of preparing or bringing my mind to ease I want to make a list of summer goals. Maybe with me broadcasting it all over the net it will force me to stick to them...maybe, hehe.

  • Firstly I'd like to finish a couple projects I've got 90% done that are sitting next to my mums sewing machine. :p Sorry mom!
  • Keep exercising at least 3 times a week.  On my own or at the gym. So if anyone wants to join me on a weekly regiment that's in my area let me know :)
  • Make a monthly/weekly meal plan.  It's about time we have actual meals around here and I'm thinking it's also time I put away old habits of eating junk all day.
  • Do away with the unnecessary sugars.  For good this time, I did the whole 2 month thing and it wasn't too bad.  I should have kept up with it.
  • Read more books.  I miss reading a good book and school has kept me from that.
  • With that, read more books to the wee ones.
  • Spring cleaning.  Or should I say extremely deep and involved cleaning.  Starting with our kitchen/living area.  Slowly working our way to the mess of a bedroom we have.  Maybe I wont need to work out with all the physical labor I'll be doing!
  • Along with the cleaning, baby proof the house.  Might as well get it done while they are still stuck to the ground..because it wont be much longer than a month or so before they are mobile and raiding the cupboards. 
  • Go through all the girls old clothes and donate/sell them.  
  • Take a couple days a month to go longboarding/mountain biking/motorcycles etc.  The dude and I deserve a break let alone time together alone and those are things we really enjoy.
  • Take lots of video of the gremlins playing or just doing what they do.  
  • Talk with a recruiter and ask serious questions so that we can make some serious decisions.  
  • Spend as much time outside as possible.  This means BBQ's, swimming, playing, what have you. I miss the outdoors. 
  • This could go along with the last one, but I think it's important enough for it's own line: Long walks. :)
  • Start playing the guitar again.  
  • Try to focus on what I'm wanting to do in the future, of course I'm going to school for one particular thing, but there are so many things that interest me that I would really love to pursue. I just have no clue which one or where to start or anything like that.  I feel almost like I just want to be a Swiss Army Knife and have an endless amount of talents/options.  
Hmm, OK so it's more of a "To Do" list, but still it's goals none the less.  I may add more to the list here and there but for now, I'm pretty sure that will keep me occupied and organized.   Back to my studies!
{Happy Wednesday!} ❤


  1. What a great list! I have several of the same things on my list as well...exercising being the TOP! 3 kids in under 3 years (one a twin preg) has left my body in shambles...hoping to find time to get myself back :)

    good luck in all of your endeavors!!

  2. Great goals!! I am making my summer "cleanup my act" list and checking it twice! Sometimes that helps to get my head cleared!


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