Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend scenes

We had a pretty easy nothing special weekend.  Some good times with friends on Friday evening, game Saturday morning, family and movie Saturday evening, homework Sunday morning, movie and dinner with family Sunday evening.  Pretty simple yes?  
Well that wont last.  Finals is coming up and after that a whirlwind of events!  I'm pretty sure it will all be a blur in the end so I'll need to take photos often, or else we'll never remember.

Here are some scenes from our weekend. 

 Don't mind me I don't photograph well..hahah.

 She was almost there!

 Playing with daddy.  Look at those giant teeth!

 Which she uses on her feet..

How was your weekend? =D


  1. Lovely pictures! Your girls are so precious! Love the cute!
    Sounds like the perfect weekend to me!
    Have a wonderful week! xxx

  2. O my goodness they are soooo ADORABLE! Look at those teeth! Looks like you had a great weekend!

  3. cute blog. have a blog award for you. check it out at my page. have fun and happy blogging!

  4. Easy, relaxing weekends are the best! I hope you can enjoy them while they last, it sounds like you are going to be pretty busy very soon.

  5. Oh my gosh - those girls are SO cute!!! I think they look just like you! Glad you had a good weekend!


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