Sunday, April 3, 2011

Oh so crafty

As you probably saw I was going to attempt being a crafty person not too long ago.  
With the help of my mothers sewing machine, some advice on fabric/material shopping, not to mention help in the sewing department, and a few choice words after some hiccups- I finished.  :)  

It was fun, something I'm not used to, and a learning experience. I have a couple of different fabrics I want to try out here in the near future.  So who knows, I have a couple ideas running around in my head and I'm not sure what to do with them. 

Anyway I hope everyone is having a fun weekend!  Ours went from 75 degrees and sunny to 30 degrees with 6in of snow on the ground, in a matter of a day.  So we are hunkered inside at the moment. 
Ill have scenes from our weekend tomorrow 


  1. oh i love this!! well done! i think i need to make one for my camera because the one it comes with is not so comfy

  2. It is absolutely gorgeous!! :)

  3. LOVE it! I need one...a cute one! Did you have a pattern? Or just wing it?

  4. That's so cute! Go you for being crafty!


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