Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday with a kitty

Easter Sunday started out with some pretty awesome eats for breakfast.  The girls had their first try of fresh strawberries, bananas, and some french toast.  It was amazing at how entertained us "grown ups" were with watching them eat.   The faces they made, the giggles  from how proud of themselves they were.  

Ms. O ate up everything on her plate, while Ms. K ate most of everything, eventually all the bananas got very mushy and so she was having a bit of a time trying to get em in her mouth.

Instead of us getting the girls baskets their g-p's got them a couple of toys, new dresses and some bubbles.
Oh, and a kitty..

A little history about the whole kitty thing.  My cat lives with my parents and every time we go there the girls freak out with joy, squealing and wiggling like crazy when Soda (the cat) comes around.  We call her the weird dog, or tiny dog, etc.  So, my parents thought it would be great to get them their own kitty. It was a hit! It walks, purrs, and everything!  As I sit here typing the kitty is sitting up on one of our chairs and every now and then Oakley catches it with her eye and just screams like crazy. Too cute. 

Most the afternoon we spent sleeping, playing Wii and rolling around on the ground trying to get the girls to crawl.  Yes..3/4 of us were on our hands and knees demonstrating what to do.  It was a sight.

It was somewhat of a success since we got them on their knees and they stayed on their knees for a bit..but hey it's a work in progress.  Before we left to have Easter dinner with the dude's family we put on their new dresses and got out the bubbles.  They hadn't seen them before so I was excited to see their reactions.  Well, their reactions were pretty much confusion.  They didn't really understand where they were coming from and where they went.  They would try to reach and grab then kind of just sit there and stare when they popped. Haha, not really any giggles..but in time I'm sure it will change. 

Easter dinner at the in-laws was fun.  They had gotten some booster seats for the girls so we were able to give them some steamed carrots, potatoes, apple sauce, and bits of roll.  They really loved sitting at the table with everyone and watching us all eat and eat with us.  Oakley really liked it and was gabbing here and there to people around her.  
We had some good eats and laughs.  Talked a bit about my last game of the season that the dudes dad and sister were able to make it to.  
They got to see me score a try and then get taken out by someone throwing me onto my shoulder.  Don't worry, that wasn't bad compared to the 2 (illegal) body checks in a row I got later on in the game by some ginormous girl..the 2nd took me out of the game.  Still it was a way fun game and I can't wait for next season!

Anyway, dinner and playing around with the kids after was a lot of fun, we checked out the g-p's new rolling cabin and sat around chatting.  

I do miss coloring and searching for eggs.  But I know next year we are going to have so much fun hiding the eggs and coloring them with the girls.  

I hope everyones weekend was fun and spent with loved ones!

What did everyone else do for Easter?

{Happy Monday!}


  1. Oh my, cuteness all around! Love these photos, especially the ones that show off those adorable, scrumptious, chubby little hands! Your girls are so beautiful!

  2. wish you would have gotten a picture of everybody trying to teach the girls to crawl that would have been too funny

  3. Looks like a wonderful Easter Weekend!! That yummy fruit looks scrumptious, and their pretty eyes get me every time!!

  4. such great pics! those girls of yours are adorable!!!

  5. SUPER cute!!! Sounds like you guys had soo much fun!!! You have the happiest blog! I love it!

  6. Your girls are just adorable! It sounds like you had a wonderful Easter!


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