Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Perform Beautifully

OK, I haven't resorted to this yet because well it's really not super duper important. But the opportunity/prize would be awesome and I can't help but try and promote myself to my lovelies that follow my randomness. So before hand, I'm sorry for the following plug! ;)

Oakley (the brand/company not my daughter) is throwing a contest.  A Perform Beautifully contest.  
Basically reaching out to all women out there that perform in any way, cooking, sports, kids, camping, beautifully.  What drives us and makes us push through life, etc.
To enter we had to answer a few questions, which were pretty much like essay questions, and tell them why we feel like we are a perfect example of a woman performing beautifully.   I forgot to save my answers and the questions so I apologize. Never the less I entered. 

 To sum up my entry I tried to show and promote(in my essay questions) that despite what we are put through and everything in between we should always focus on the positive, to remember that as women, mothers, wives, friends, etc. We are perfect in so many ways and should take every chance we have to take advantage of this life in front of us. That our experiences will shape who we are and that what makes us happy in life should drive us forward..and so on.

The prize you ask?

A trip to Napa Valley, CA for a fitness retreat, including a run/walk 5k, bike ride, hike, yoga class, wine tasting and more.
Latest Oakley apparel and eyewear.
A chance to meet other Oakley ambassadors and athletes. 
An Oakley ambassadorship for one year, entitling the winner to receive the latest gear, promote the brand in their community and more.  

Pretty awesome don't you think?  I mean, I strongly suggest anyone entering because of how awesome I think it is. yes!

Back on track-If at all you have some free time or just simply want to check out all the other amazing ladies please hop on over HERE and vote for little ol' me or others! You can vote once daily. (fyi)

Do I think I have a chance? Maybe, why not?  Everyone does.  Heck, entering contests are always fun!  Lots of us do it daily!  (You know you love it, hehe) Looking over some of the contestants I can't help but feel how powerful us ladies are!  
Anyway,there you have it..I hope that didn't make you shy back in your seat. 
Don't judge me! 


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