Friday, April 15, 2011


It was such a nice day yesterday we decided to take the girls to the park and see how they would like swings for the first time. 
They were so happy!  Laughing and giggling at every movement despite the wind that was a little nippy. 
We took along Auzzie Bear and had him show off a little to the kids in the park.  Crazy thing we ran into a mom who had boy/girl twins playing there in the park who were probably 6yrs old. She told us about how she used to go to the park and put them in the swings together. :)

We took them down the slides, but they weren't too sure about them. Just kind of looked frightened the whole time! Haha


  1. So sweet! We live in bfe so I have yet to find a park with 2 baby swings. I love it! Someday when we hit the city we'll have to get together.

  2. I love all of the swing photos, so sweet! Also, my old australian shepherd used to jump like that, too! I would get her to do that trick and it would always impress the other kids.

  3. Those girls are BEYOND adorable!

  4. Thats too precious! love the idea of putting them in the swing together it's super cute. When I first looked at your dog jumping I thought he was in the swing LOL I had to have a closer look to see he wasn't.

  5. I love days at the park! Pictures are precious.

  6. I love days at the park! Pictures are precious.

  7. haha i love the pictures of them in the same swing.
    too adorable.
    i just want to squeeezzee them.
    i always fall hard for chunky babies.

  8. I love these photos!!! Your girls are sooo cute!


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