Sunday, January 2, 2011

Resolutions and all

2010 was great and all..but that was SO last year!  It's time to remember the past but move on with the future!
With me starting school in the next week things around the house are going to change a lot.  It in ways makes me sad I wont be around to watch the girls as much but I just have to think to myself.  "It's only 2 days a week".  Doesn't seem like a big deal right?
Financially we struggled in 2010, but we are hoping this new year brings new luck.  We hope to take the girls on a trip to the beach..where ever that beach may be.  We want to try new things and laugh at our mistakes.  So without further ado-

Here are my top 10 for the new year:

1. Take one day a week to myself to work out or anything else I find appealing.
2. Listen more, speak less.
3. Enjoy all the smaller moments in life.
4. Keep up with not eating candy as my primary diet.
5. Take the word "Someday" and "soon" out of my vocab.  Go out and live life now..not later.
6. Get all A's and B's in school while still having time to be with friends and family.
7.  Love me for me, no matter what others think.  I'm unique.
8.  Smile, LOTS.  =D
9.  Find out about my birth parents.
10.  Play every day!

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  1. i like "listen more, speak less". i could definitely work on that! and its such a great quality to have as a friend.

    i need to make my resolutions still!


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