Friday, January 7, 2011

First Photo Shoot

Lets just start off by saying that these girls are NOT by any means naturals at getting their photos taken.  Haha, it was pretty much hilarious due to the fact that they would not smile, no matter what we or the photographer tried.

But! Guess what?!  They did, after, the shoot. 

It was a good experience though for their first photo shoot.  They didn't cry till near the end, when they were getting tired.  The FotoFly Studio was awesome! I loved their different wings that had different floors/backgrounds, etc.  The owner for the studio, Erik, took the girls photos and he was so great, patient, fun, outgoing, and willing to work with the girls.  Not to mention the printers were on the fritz and we were there longer than expected so they gave us FREE prints! Can you say, Awesome?!  They are so nice there!  I definitely cannot wait to go back when the girls are 1 to get their year old shots done!  Loved it! <3

Here are some of my favorites:


  1. i think they need to go on a diet there heather haha, but they sure are cute!!

  2. I love their little cheeks. So cute!

  3. Is that Bradly talkin' smack on the chubbies? Don't make me kick your ass kid.

  4. These are the CUTEST! I love all the colors and headbands and of course your darling girls!

  5. PS Thanks for having ADORABLE children that Brad likes to look at. I was afraid for a while we'd never have any because he thinks they're all ugly haha. Good work!

  6. Definitely awesome! I love the one where they look at each other!
    SOOO cute.

  7. Aww! These are adorable! I have to do a session with the boys clothed (we've been doing monthly sessions with them in just their diapers.) Guess I should start looking for some cute outfits!


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