Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Eve

Ever since I was little what I really remember most about the holidays is how amazing the decorations were that my mom had around the house.  From new to old there was always something fun and cute to look at.  As soon as you walked into our home you knew we enjoyed the holidays with the Christmas cheer all around.  I just hope that one day my kids will look back and be able to remember all the little things from family holidays. 

Christmas Eve was spent with my family this year.  
Despite feeling pretty sick myself  we were ready to make this a great Holiday for the girls.  We made it over to my parents early afternoon and were met with some family and a site that Santa had been hard at work.

 (Some of the loot)

Before anything could get started the girls needed to have some eats otherwise we would be dealing with some cranky babies who would much rather fight you than open their first gifts!
(Gamma and Gampa takin care of business)

(A little bit of play time before nap)

After a  much needed nap it was time for everyone to gather round, open presents and empty the stockings!

We were so excited to watch the girls with their first gifts.....Of course as expected they were more interested in the wrapping paper than the gift. 

Uncle Neal on the other hand LOVED their new toys. ;)

(Oakley the Elf)

(They really do love their Uncle, I'm pretty sure he loves them too, hehe)

After getting the girls down for bed, it was time for some games!

The game-

Who can blow the biggest bubble.

The prize-

The Winner-

One of my prizes was a professional weighted poker chip set..So of course, we had to put it to the test.

So why not a nice friendly game of Texas Holdem

Many, many hours later and many complaints of how the motivation is lost without real money...I won! :)  Apparently I'm so impulsive it makes me hard to read.  (I'm just a good at bluffing, I swear)

Christmas had just begun and it was so far an amazing one.  Great times spent with family, fun gifts, and late night game playing. 

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