Tuesday, January 18, 2011

4 more months

So, I know I say this stuff probably more often than I should but hey I'm still trying to convince myself it's happening.  My girls are getting bigger by the day!  I'm kind of jumping the gun but as of tomorrow they will be 8 months old!  Can you believe that?  4 months away from being a year old....yeah, I'm pretty sure this is all just a crazy dream and I'll wake back up at 19yrs old living in Washington again.  *Pinch*

OK, it's not a dream.  

Just the other day we finally set up their high chairs...sigh...high chairs.  We were excited, proud.  That's a little odd to be proud?

Papa (which I'm starting to think they girls call "baba") setting up the chairs

Even though they seem to slide down they actually enjoyed sitting in them!  

For a bit now they both have been able to sit up on their own un assisted.  Kenzington even bends over and chews on her feet, often.  Although Oakley seems to think her belly gets in her way and fusses more than not.

They both completely love sitting in their "learning chairs".  Spinning, bouncing, chewing on all the toys!  They talk to each other and babble on forever.  

Both are supporting themselves when picked up to stand.  Kenzington more so, when in her chair she doesn't even sit in it.  She simply stands and crouches up and down now and then as if to jump.  When we walk her she actually seems interested in getting going.  We think she may end up like her mother and walk before she crawls!  Which would be scary but makes sense.  She almost never will roll around like her sister and shows really no interest in it.  With all this moving around they are starting to thin out a wee bit in the face, so we're told. 

From what I hear they do great when I'm gone at school and as much as I miss them I'm glad they are doing well with me not around.  I just love coming home and watch as they notice me for the first time that day and just smile huge!  It makes all of the annoying things that may have happened during my school day just go away!  

Although I will say this, it's very nice to get out of the house and be on my own again for so many hours out of the day.  Gives me time to focus on me and life.  I think we all need to think about us once and a while.  It's not selfish by any means, I think it helps build yourself into who you need or want to be.  

I have a goal to not stress as much this year.  It causes wrinkles..and for being in my early 20's I feel I already have too many :(.  (it'd probably help if I got contacts/glasses and didn't "squint" all the time) Besides, stress is bad mojo!

Another goal, be more creative...zAp that brain back into action and get that imagination going!  Hmm...not to work on how I'm going to do that..


  1. Yay Heater, your girls are adorable! They look so big sitting in their high chairs drinking their bottles. Cute stuff :)

  2. Ooh! High chairs! That's kinda fun! I haven't even thought about that part of child rearing! They look like they enjoy them!

    Those goals about stress and creativity are definitely some of mine for this year as well! Good luck!

  3. I can't believe they are 8 months already! The time just flies right by!!! I have that same high chair.. and I absolutely hate it.. I hope you guys like it though!!!


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