Monday, January 24, 2011

Missing the warmth

I love winter.  I really do!  The snow, the crisp air, a good afternoon of cuddling on the couch and drinking hot chocolate. 

Not to mention sledding at 2am in the morning of a fresh snow, snowboarding, being all bundled up in the white and the blue!

BUT! I'm kind of getting to that point that I am really missing the warmth.  The summer glow.

Being outside where I'm likely to tan and/or burn a little.

Going camping and spending time by the fire, burning things, roasting dogs and mallows.  

Not to mention being at the lake!  Any lake!  Bear Lake, Strawberry, Lake Powell, I don't even care!  I just miss the lake.

This time in the year you just kind of reach your breaking point.  You're wishing for the sun to beat down and warm you as you step outside.  Sitting in the backyard in the hammock feels like it was SO long ago!  I know we should be taking every day and enjoying it fully but boy I know I would enjoy having some otter pops as I watch the girls and dogs play outside!

With this all of a sudden popping up...

(Sorry a bit blurry but you get the "picture")

I can't help but be itching to get them out into the world playing, crawling(or walking) all over the house and yard.  Get them back in some water to enjoy.  We really want to take them camping, to the beach.  So many things we want to do with the gremlins.  Even things we want to go and do just the two of us.  Which parents need! Every couple needs to get out and enjoy themselves one on one every so often.  
Preparing to get the motorcycles ready, mountain bikes tuned, longboards out, all of the above!  

Oh boy, I guess today is just one of those days that I miss the heat.  I miss being able to walk around in shorts and T.  

What things do you miss about summer?

Or You could just be super lucky and live in a place with summer all year!  (Yes, that's to my brother.)

Soon enough it will be here and like most people I'll probably be missing the snow!  Alas, it's what we do, it's human nature!  Right?!

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  1. I'm craving some sunshine, too. Only two more months of winter, right? I hope we make it. :)


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