Monday, January 10, 2011


Watching these past weeks events unfold made me realize some of the moments I really am going to miss, in life, with the girls, with family.  

A moment like this for example- (minus the glassed over look from the mum)

Its been soo long since they've fallen asleep in my arms.  I imagine they will be few and far between from now on.  

Being back in school has proven my fear of missing their firsts.  :p For example, Ms. O rolling over back to front for the first time!  We did get to see it ourselves for the first time Saturday.  :) It was adorable as she rolled all over the floor, screaming with happiness and giggling.   Showing us the future to come of them being mobile. 

However we were able to see them sitting up on their own (finally) for longer than a minute even!  As seen in the previous post from their photo shoot..that's all them when they were sitting on that floor and they did it for probably 5-10 minutes!  (with maybe one topple over)

Or last night as Ms. K, sat on the slider in their room as I changed her sisters pants.  She was sitting up, looked down, and saw her feet. then with little hesitation bent down and started to chew on her little frog feet. (Her jammy jams have frogs on the feet, hehe)  
Then after a minute, she was just exhausted (who wouldn't be at 5:30am)..and decided to rest..

Another thing I'll tiny they are despite how chubby they are, they are tiny and I'll miss when they can do this..

I've realized that next time we come into some gold (yeah) we need to purchase invest in a camera.  Why?  Because like I said, due to recent events, it's shown me that we as parents need to capture every moment we can with these 2.  
With us as a family for that matter.  
You never know when it could end suddenly.


  1. oh my gosh. these pictures are so beautiful! and i loved your description of her rolling over and giggling and laughing- i could totally picture it!

    you are one lucky lady! :) loved this post.

  2. The pic of them in the bathtub might be my fav EVER. So cute!

  3. oh my cute are those two little bundles of love!!

    Cute blog, girl!! :)


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