Saturday, January 15, 2011


Ever have one of those nightmares that really kicks you in the butt, wakes you, makes it so you are unable to go back to sleep because you just lay there thinking about it in fear!?

Well it happen to me last night.  It was is probably the silliest dream ever but it still made me panic!

The dream was simply that all of a sudden it was snowing like crazy, (like it often does here), it snowed so much that by the end of the day we were trapped in our own homes.  Everyone!  Especially us since we live up near the mountain.  Then as I was getting ready to feed the girls their night time bottle, I realized that I was on their last can of formula.  I ran to the window looking outside in panic and couldn't even see outside, the snow had gone as high as the house and there was no exit in site as I listen to the news telling us, "The snow will not be stopping!  Everyone prepare to be trapped for the next year in your homes".

Then, I woke, up.  No this scenario is a bit unlikely, not only that we would have 15ft snow out our front door making it impossible to go anywhere.  But also that it would stick around for a year.  
Still I lay there awake almost having a panic attack as I realize that we really do only have maybe 2 cans of formula left..and what if, just if, we couldn't go to the store and get more!  What would we do?
I almost got up (at 3am) and ran to the store to buy out every can that I could.  

Silly of me I know, but haven't you (if you're a new mom, mom in general, or even if you're NOT a mom) had some dream or all of a sudden think of worst case scenario and wonder to yourself, "What am I going to do if that ever happen to us"?  

*Holds sign, "THE END IS NEAR"*

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