Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

So many things had happened in 2010 that has changed our lives forever.  Some for the good, while some for the bad.  

Namely our baby girls came into this world.  They have grown up so fast in the last 7 months I cannot imagine our lives without them!  
I am pretty sure there are so many things I took advantage of this last year that I will never get back.  But they have made me stronger.  I think with every new year everyone should look back and see what has changed them and what they should work on.
 Life is about growing and learning to love life!  It's shorter than you think and that's something we need to take advantage of!  The time and chances we have to enjoy our lives!

We were lucky and found some one (their grandparents) to watch the girls while we went to spend some time with a few friends to bring in the new year.
(As much as I didn't want to leave their side, I knew it would be good for us to get out as a couple)

New Year, new scarf, new clothes, new hair, new phone, new outlook on life...So much NEW!

We started off with some good appetizers and then it was on to some fun and games!

We were having so much fun we actually missed the New Year count down, not realizing till 12:02!  It's OK, we still gave our better halves the new years kiss. :)  

I hope everyone had amazing holidays, being safe, and loving every moment of them!

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  1. I LOVE your new hair!! And you look amazing! I'm glad you guys got out to celebrate! It's always nice to have a break!


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