Friday, January 21, 2011

Black Lung

...OK, maybe not exactly the black lung.  :p

Kenzlee appears to have croup.  Which doesn't really affect the lungs as it mostly affects her upper air ways.  BUT never the less she is sounding horrible and unable to breath often.  
She has had some congestion for some time now and just this Tuesday she began to progress with a cough.   Wednesday she gave her mom a scare and I walk into her gasping for air during her nap.  (which of course she was not napping, she was trying to cry)  So naturally we took her in to be seen.  
We were told it would be a fun while with her having this.  That we need to keep an eye on her.  In case it does progress into bronchitis as croup sometimes can mask it in the early stages.  We were given antibiotics and told if it becomes worse they have a steroid they can give them once that helps open up the passage. 

The first night was horrible, not to mention horrifying!  It was as if we were back in the NICU listening to them struggle for air.  But this felt 10 times worse.  I would have to hold her upright for about 10 minutes then attempt to lay her down (in her now inclined bed).  We tried everything at first: swing, rocker, bouncer, walking with her.  She just would not sleep.  2am finally rolled around and after a few minutes outside in the cold air watching the beautiful full moon and stars, I tried again to lay her down.  This time it worked.  With the humidifier going I sat listening to her breaths slowly go in and out, easily noticing the struggle.  

Most who know me well, know that I don't scare or get too emotional about things that easy.  I mean, I'm this hard skinned motocross, snowboarding, skating, etc chick!  We don't have time to be too emotional.  When you have kids it seems to push a lot of that "hardness" down.  I was in tears sitting there after a while.  It was hard to hear that, when I had absolutely no power in helping her.  I'm not ashamed to say I said a little prayer, asking that she be able to get some rest as I could tell how completely exhausted she was, and that she be watched over that night for comfort. 

I don't know if it was coincidence but she actually was able to sleep till 5:30am, then proceeding to have a coughing fit.  I again picked her up and walked with her a bit as she gasped but yet still was so happy to have me there she was grabbing at my face and smiling cooing to me.  
I finally got her to sleep again even if it did only last till 7am.  I was just so happy she finally was able to get some rest.  

From what I was told the next day while I was at school wasn't too bad, she still couldn't nap and may have had a slight temp.  But like we were told nights would be worse. 

So last night as things began to wind down, both of them began to get very tired a little early.  Kenzlee was ready for bed by 6pm and her cough was beginning to pick up.  The doctor had sent in the prescription for the steroid to give to her in hopes of making her more comfortable.  
I'm weird about medicine, I never want to put it to use unless really necessary and with her seeming to do semi decent that day I wanted to try and see if she'd sleep without giving it to her.  
Unfortunately that didn't work.  She was hacking, coughing, gasping for air within a few minutes of trying to sleep.  
Began the attempt to get the 3tsp of medicine down her throat.  Lets just say, I've never seen such a contorted face of disgust in all my years! Haha.  
Eventually it worked and after some time we were able to get her to sleep, with a few of the normal coughing fits.  
Here's the good part, she slept all night till 7am.  (which is WAY too early for mom on her day off) 
We are happy to say that this morning she is doing a lot better than the last couple days. She is playing, with little coughing and when I picked her up for her crib I could hardly hear the wheezing from her throat.  

We are hoping her sister doesn't get it, but it's a strong possibility.  Still watching her and her sister, trying to keep their environment extra clean for the next couple days.  Our worst fear would be for it to turn into RSV but I have faith that this will not happen or I will have to kick some butt!

So we have more bubble baths, snuggles, and lots of naps ahead of us! Nap?!  Boy am I ready...

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