Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 19: What do you think of religion? Or what do you think of politics?

Religion:  My view on religion is that practically every church (negating Buddhists and such of course) stems from the same book, the bible, and a lot of those churches have another random book that they have added to that.  The beliefs and "rules" are different based on the leader during that time, not straying from the already placed rules but maybe adding to them.  I believe in a god and that he had a son.  I've had friends who don't believe in a god at all and have made very valid arguments as to why.  But none the less people keep believing, it makes us feel safe.  My religion I think depending on where you are/attend has lost sight of the big picture, in my opinion.  I still think it's the "correct" church simply because to feels right. I feel more comfort there than I do any other.  I hope to one day go back and hopefully learn more and to give the twins a base to start with for what they choose when they grow up.  In fact we are working on a blessing here in the near future for them.

Politics:  Honestly I didn't get interested in politics till Obama became president, because he just made me mad.  I mean Bush wasn't a perfect model by any means but he kept his mouth shut most the time and when he did talk you couldn't help but want to give him a lolly pop and pat him on the back while saying "it's ok".  Obama just rubs me the wrong way and I wont go into it further simply because I think politics brings out the worst in people.  Opinions don't seem to be accepted if they differ from the party stating them.  So to avoid conflict :) I'm done. 

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