Friday, July 23, 2010

Been a while!

It's been a while since I've last updated.  I guess we have just been pretty busy this last week.  What can I say, the girls know how to keep us on our toes!

Last weekend we were lucky enough to have my brother in town!  I miss him so much when he's at home in Las Vegas, so it was nice of him to take the trip up to spend some time with his nieces and us.

He is such a good uncle!  I couldn't have asked for a better one..He took such good care of the girls when he held them and seemed to love every minute of it.  Until they started to fuss and as he put it, "fix it mom", and would hand them off to me!  Not only that, I apparently get a swift hit in the head with a pillow.  Why?  Because I'm a mom....Yeah...figure me that!

We spent a lot of the weekend at my parents house.  It was great to just be out of our house for a bit since the past couple weeks we've been cooped up.  My parents adore the girls and I know they are going to be spoiled beyond belief! 

Specially by their Gampa!  He just loves holding them..we caught him on several occasions falling asleep with them.

With Kenzington
Now Oakley

I guess it runs in the family though cause I find myself every morning with them in bed!

I realized that a lot of the pictures we have of the girls Oakley is asleep or looking away from the camera!  Silly girl doesn't know when to strike a pose.  I did finally catch her awake and even smiling..although again it's still looking away from the camera and at her Gamma.

They really are getting so big so fast.  Every week they have gone up a pound and now are sitting at 8lbs 2oz & 8lbs 4oz.   They still look like scrawny little gremlins though, they just can't seem to stack on that baby fat like most kids.


I've also come to realize that if I want to get a picture of them in their outfits I need to do it fast!  :) They have been very good about having "blow outs" in their cute clothes within an hour of having them put on!   Like their outfits their uncle bought them, he insisted they had to look similar but not match.  <3

(Kenzington must have been acting like a puffer fish, lol)

Not only have these girls been growing strong they are starting to find their feet and their hands.  I tell you first hand, those little hands some how can find a way to pinch you to death if they wanted to!

Kenzington just in the last couple days has realized she can suck on her thumb.  It's a bad habit but it's too cute!

Although the poor thing seems to have a rash all over her face.  We are hoping to get that taken care of this coming week.

All in all they are doing really good.  Even though they keep us up at night, know exactly when we are about to eat, and have learned that crying is their favorite daytime activity! <3  We love them though and can't get enough of how much more observant and fun they get each day.  I'm trying to master the skills of a digital camera but seem to suck horribly at getting the right lighting!  So if anyone has some tips out there!?  

We have been going on a much needed walk every day  this past week.  Even though it's been blazing hot it's really nice to get out and walk around.  For the holiday weekend we'll be having a BBQ with some friends and I'm so excited!  We aren't the best hosts in the world but it's fun to have people over to talk and kick back with.  Especially with burgers and dogs involved!

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  1. They are so cute!! Glad your bro could come see them!


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