Sunday, July 11, 2010


Things are starting to feel a little back to normal these last couple days.  The girls sort of on a schedule, meaning we can predict what time of day they are going to be hungry.  There has even been a pattern of time of day when they are most fussy.  I'm able to actually sleep a few solid hours between 4am-9am.

We took the girls on their first out of the house experience since they got home...where you ask?  The doctors! :)  Since it's been a week out of the hospital they needed their follow up with Dr. B.  My only concern that I wanted to address was that they didn't seem to be eating that great because of their reflux.  Luckily that fear was squashed when we saw that they each are gaining about an ounce a day which is great.  So they gained weight: 6lbs 12oz, 6lbs 15oz.  Their due date is coming up this Monday July 12.  It's when we can actually start tracking their growth even though they are almost 2 months old.  That's something I'll have to get used to.
It was great getting them out of the house though and being able to actually use some of the cute outfits we've received.  

I've had so much great help this last week I couldn't be more thankful!  I have such loving friends and family who honestly have made life much easier.  

We went to dinner at my parents house which was a nice relief as well.  It felt comfortable even with having them not home and still being OK. 

Poopy diapers are always in tow of course.

Kenzington is losing some of her hair around her hair line which in turn has made her look like a boy/old man. She as usual was wide awake staring at everyone.

While her sister on the other hand.....
Sound asleep on her adorable new blankets her Auntie in Washington made for them.

We're tired, worn out, but slowly catching back up to life.  I love that they are starting to look more and more like babies.  They watch us and make faces at us and even smile more and more each day. 
Next week I think will be much better!


  1. They are so freakin' cute! I wanna come visit sometime soon! :-)

  2. Holy Crap Heather, you look ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! I'm so jealous! Your sweet babies are beautiful too!! They are getting so big!!


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