Thursday, July 29, 2010

Round one

Today we all survived round one of the twins immunization shots.  It was a doozy!  3 pokers and 1 oral and the oral wasn't even flavored!   I held Kenzington while the hubs held Oakley, my mom gave them to Oakley and her co-worker gave them to Kenzlee.  It was.....traumatic.  Haha, probably more so to me than to them.  They wont even remember in a year from now.  I was hoping that since they got poked and prodded so much in the NICU for almost 2 months they would be OK with the needles....yeah not the case.  Miss K was kind enough to turn a bright purple shade and disfigure her face so that she no longer looked like me sweet child.  Her 2nd shot bled a bit as well, that did not help me! Oakley screamed but seemed to keep a little more calm and not turn a lovely color of the rainbow.  In the end they both got bottles to make them feel better and fell asleep before we could even get out to the car.

So far no fevers and they have slept the rest of the evening.  We'll see if they wake up in the middle of the night with nightmares of their ordeal! 

2 months from now it will be round two of these shenanigans which I hope to be a little better prepared for.    Apparently I never got the memo that when your kid hurt! :)  


  1. Oh by the way. When your kids hurt, you hurt. ;-) I recently visited my cousin who was doing another round of shots while I was there on her 3 m/o. She said it was too traumatic for her the first time so I stayed with little Swede while he freaked out. Poor kids. Poor moms. :-)

  2. What are their stats?! Weight, height and length?! Aren't shots the hardest? I almost cry everytime Brax gets them.. Ps.. I doesn't get easier! haha

  3. LOL Rachel thanks! :)

    They are 8lbs 11oz & 8lbs 12oz, I didnt pay attention to the length, lol, I'll have to ask my mom. I do know that Oakleys height put her in the 3rd percentile while Kenzington is still in the 0 percentile...whatever that means, ha ha.


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