Saturday, July 17, 2010

Little bodies

...Big Spirits

That's how it was explained to me, so that I better understand what a baby may be going through.
My mom, she seems to always have some really comforting things to say in times of chaos.
I was questioning how a baby could be so upset about nothing...literally nothing..that I could tell at least.  It is so frustrating to have done everything and still feel like you did nothing.  Nothing's fixed, cries are still being heard...ugh.  My mom began to explain how she used to look at it with us while we were babies.  She said to think of it this way,  before they are sent to earth they are grown beautiful spirits ready to be sent to their new bodies.  If you were to be smashed into a tiny body you had absolutely no knowledge of how to control said body, how would you react?  Would you get frustrated at times for some of the simplest things?  Need to rely on people to help and support you?  Most likely, yes.  Who's to say that these little babies don't know what's going on?  They just don't have a the means to let you know or handle the situations them selves.

It made me take a step back and realize how much they need me and how every tear is them reaching out to me for help.  I like to think that my girls were sent to us from loved ones who have passed, and that our girls were more than excited to join our family.  I know in my heart that we will do our best to make this life for them the best they have ever known.  Whether it be from providing the material things in life or simply being there by their side during their times of need.  

They have already grown so much in a week, 6lbs-over 7lbs and it's just been a blink of the eye.  Everyone says they grown to fast, I've even been told by people they regret being able to spend those small moments with their babies because they focused and worried about doing everything right. 

 My goal is to focus on those little moments, those smiles, cries, movements that months from now I may regret I wasn't there for or missed.  

We'll make mistakes but no one is perfect...mistakes are what make a person.  It's about learning to love a flaw and to grown from that flaw into who you will be for the rest of your life.


  1. I want to come meet the cute little munchkins! Maybe sometime in the next couple of weeks. :-)

  2. Beautifully said Heather!! You are a great great great mother!!


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