Sunday, July 4, 2010

Much better

Today has gone much better than the last.  We actually got some solid hours of sleep, even if it was just 2-3 hours! :)  The kittles seem to have slept better as well thanks to Austin's aunt letting us use her co-sleeper.  When one got fussy we'd either comfort them or feed them depending then were able to go right back to relaxing/sleeping.  

My mom has been kind enough to come by and help out with the girls during the day.  A 3rd set of hands really makes a difference.  Things get taken care of that much faster which in turn usually makes someone happy! Ha ha.  

We were talking today and it's really great having them home finally.  Although both of us still can't seem to feel like it's really happening.  Like these are our girls that we are holding.  We have the connection, we love them with all our hearts it is still just a far off dream.  I suppose it will really set in within a few days.  I will tell you this, I love seeing them in little outfits.  Actually being able to dress them in what we want, use what we want, do what we's strange!  :) 

So, the plan for tonight is.  Bottle, medicine, bath, bed!  Sounds wonderful to me...I've gotten a laugh watching Mr. Adams clean out the baby tub, who knew a man could get so frustrated with something so tiny haha.  

Lets hope tonight goes just as smooth or smoother than the night before!  *crosses fingers and toes, just as baby girl A screams*  C'est la vie.  

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