Saturday, July 3, 2010

One down

So many more to go!

We've survived the first night.  I'll have to say it definitely was not the best night of my life.  The girls seem to not be nursing as well as earlier yesterday.  Almost like they are a little stressed on top of we didn't have their gas medicine for them yet.  We spent most the night up and down, one would cry, the other would sleep.  Soon after they would alternate.  One was hungry the other one wasn't.  It was rough.  They both sleep better on their tummys so Austin and I resorted to having them on our chests for an hour this morning so all 4 of us could get some needed Z's.  
Our pup Kiona spent the night outside their bedroom door watching over them for us though. =D

I'm hoping today goes a little smoother.  So far they are both sleeping in their own cribs and aren't as fussy as last night.  My parents were nice enough to come over and clean up the house for us as we tended to the wee ones this morning.  It's really nice to have people so willing to help out. I don't think we'll get too much done the next couple weeks!  

For those future moms out there who may have twins:  take all the help you can get!  You may think you can handle both at one time...with love of course, you're WRONG! =p  I'm pretty sure they purposely mess with your head just so they can get through the night. We still love them of course and will do anything for them but my oh my.... too shall pass. 

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