Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Well our 4th of July was probably the most uneventful compared to most.  That's ok though, we've been pretty bushed since the girls have been home and working hard on getting some type of method going with the madness. 

I've found that Kenzington likes her bouncer-- She doesn't really know what to make of it I think.  She'll just sit there and stare and on occasion smile. :)

Oakley on the other hand only tolerates it when she's very tired, even then you have to keep the chair constantly moving....or else.

We literally spent most the weekend sleeping when we could or otherwise sitting around with the girls in hand.  Austin's Papa and Sis came by Monday to see them, giving me the chance to get away for minute and run to the store.  It was nice to get out but odd because I couldn't only think about if everyone at home was OK.  These mom worries are nuts! 

This morning was the first morning without someone there with me for the first little bit.  I knew it would be interesting trying to shuffle between who gets fed, changed, held, etc. first.  I tried my hardest to occupy them by keeping them tired and in bed with me till my mum could arrive and lend a helping hand.

Despite my efforts within minutes, it was WWI all over again.  Double the cries, double the grunts, double the stress! In the end I broke down and fed one while the other cried.  That's was the first time in my life I wish I had arms of an octopus.   Soon the calvary arrived and the day went smooth from there on.  After some good meals the girls slept great!  Leaving me and the mums to relax on the couch.  I wish I could have done a little more for her since it was her B-day! Sadly it was just us watching season 1 of 24 and eating some otter pops here and there. Ha, ha. We did get some time outside playing with the dogs, I know the dogs really enjoyed that.  Every time I stood Kiona was at the door as if saying, "Play with me dangit"!

It's really cool to see the personalities of these little monsters come out, even more so that we are now around them 24/7.  It seems to be easy to tell them apart at times so we figured we should take off their hospital stickers that were on their legs.  Just in case of a mix-up I ended up painting Oakley's toe nails, scratch that, attempted to paint her toe nails.  I got 2 1/2 done before she kicked me and ended up getting a pink foot...I gave up after that.  

Their first doctors appointment is Friday it will be nice to get them out of the house for a little bit.  I feel like we are all kind of cooped up.  OH! They'll actually get to wear some cute outfit that we can show off...oh joys! 

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  1. They are BEAUTIFUL!!!! I still wanna come see these little "monsters!!"


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