Monday, July 26, 2010

Pioneer Day

Late but none the less...

Our weekend started out really good.  Saturday morning the girls were happy little campers, awake and content enough we were able to get some pictures of them in their little skirts. :)
We were even having a hard time seeing who was who after taking the photos..but when you know what to look for it's easier.

We took them out back for some sunny pictures but of course it was a bit too sunny! Lol they didn't keep their eyes open much at all.  I guess I need to invest in some baby glasses.  

Most the day we just spent relaxing.  I did some cleaning while Austin went and got some foods for the evening.  We had some friends over for a BBQ around 6.  It was great to have them over with their little ones.  The salads that we had for the dinner were SO amazing!  I ate stuff in one of the salads I swore I never would..I just couldn't resist how tastey it all was.  Now I'm told I have to get the recipe so I can make it for us.  The night went well, we sat out back chatting away into the night.  We were all surprised when it was 10pm.  I guess we should have known it was late once the sun was down. =p
By that time everyones baby was tired and ready for bed, let alone us parents!  Haha, we are such partyers!   The babies were so worn out they slept great.  Although still waking up at 2:30am for a feeding, which wasnt so horrible since we got a good laugh out of one of them burping so hard and loud it scared the crap out of her!  Poor thing started to cry a bit.  <3

Sunday was just as relaxing spending the morning at home then heading over to the parental units for some grub.  I attempted to make cinnamon rolls with my mums supervision.  1/2 with raisons the other half without.  My dad was cheering on the cinnamon so much I ended up smothering the raison half with too much.  =p  I guess practice makes perfect, next time I'll remember it's not all about the cinnamon, even if my dad humors me and loves them either way! 

Later that evening Austin's auntie and cuz stopped by to see the girls for the first time since they've been home.  His little cousin (who's really 13 or 14) held one of the girls till of course she started to cry and it was mom to the rescue.  :) Babies just know how to make people nervous.
It was adorable though and very nice of them to stop by and see us.

I'm really nervous about this Thursday since it's the day the girls get their first set of immunizations.  Everyone has different stories of it either being out of a horror film or being easy peasy.  I'm crossing my fingers that since they were in the NICU so long and getting poked almost every other day that it won't be to rough for them.  The reality is that I'll probably be crying just as much as they will be!  Oh well, it's for the best, right?


  1. They are so stinking adorable! I want to hold them! They are getting so big!

  2. Those pictures are so adorable!


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