Friday, July 2, 2010

Oh boy

So far people are saying we are leaving tomorrow (Today since it's 1am).  The doctor said it could be Saturday but of course they don't like to be too forward in case things could change.  Both babes seem to be eating fine and in fact gaining their appetite.  This last feeding was a bit odd since they acted hungry, ate some, but then wouldn't latch while still acting hungry even after a good 20 min of nursing.  Hard to say what's going on there.  So we just put them back in bed and hope they go to sleep for a good solid couple hours before they act hungry again.  I don't know if they've gained or lost weight, no one has told me and well I haven't asked.  The hubs is freaking out because pumping between feedings has been non existent due to not knowing when the girls will want to eat again.  We don't want me to be empty when they decide they are hungry.  He's just worried my supply will change.  I hope not, since they seem to empty me pretty good sometimes.  What do I know!? I'm a newb. =D

We got to see Eclipse tonight and everyone seemed to like it!  My Sis-in-law was able to make it with us which was great!  I love having her around and cannot wait for her little one to come out to meet us.  
Mr. Adams even liked the movie even though he still favors the wolves.  Don't get me wrong, I love a good cuddly dog any day but how could they beat vampires!?.....that's right...they don't! Ha ha.

We'll see how tonight goes I hope to get a couple hours of solid sleep and pray they keep eating well. I'm great at jinxing myself's to being lucky for a night!

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