Sunday, August 1, 2010

Are you sure?

Apparently last night at some time after 11pm, I went and did a little sleep walking. 
We know this because around 2am I woke and instead of Kenzington being in her crib, she was safe and sound hanging out in my arms.  It took me a second to realize what had happened, or even to notice which baby was in my arms..but I finally did.  Neither Austin or I can remember me getting up and getting her, let a lone one of them crying last night after they were put to bed.  Kind of scary, yet kind of funny. 

The little ones have been pretty fussy since their shots.  It's gradually getting better though and they are starting to sleep more again.  For the first couple days after they were pretty adamant about letting us know they were ticked off and hurting a little.  I don't think Oakley slept more than an hour at a time just the other night.  Spending most the morning keeping me awake, anytime my eyes shut she'd yell.  It was frustrating but looking back I just laugh trying to picture what she might have been thinking, as if to plot my demise!  "Ew, she's falling asleep again....WAAAAHHHHHH....hahhaha got her!  At this rate she'll do whatever I want just to get me to stop!".......right...

They have been home with us a month tomorrow.  It's crazy to think that much time has already past.  Good thing we are taking so many pictures or else we wouldn't believe that they were this tiny!  Although they are near on their way to 9lbs now!   Hopefully this means that I can convince the hubs that it's OK for them to go out a little more.  It has been the allotted time the doctors at the NICU suggested.  

Mr. A will be going back to work in about a week and I'm pretty sure I'm going to go nuts without his help around.  He has been so amazing, sometimes he'll pick up the girls when they have been perfectly content in their swing/bouncer and I'll ask, "Was she crying?".."No, I just wanted to hold her, she's awake."  It's adorable and handy when I need my hands free to do things around the house.  It is kind of sad when I'm asking him how to handle some diaper situations though...I need more practice I guess! Ha Ha.

Another week down and many more to go of action filled fun! =D  Let just hope I don't lose my mind sooner than later.....

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  1. I wish I lived down there still... I'd totally come help.


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